Every fire and burglar-resistant safe or cabinet represents a different solution as every security demand asks for a specific solution. That is why Sistec offers an accurate, but wide range of security storage solutions. 
Sistec provides protection against burglary and fire, in products from entry level to even custom made solutions such as:
  • Furniture safes
  • Fire resistant cabinets
  • Fire resistant Eurograde safes
  • Security cupboards
  • Data safes
Sistec's range impresses with first-class quality, design and the certified safety according to the most recent and highest test standards.
Most Sistec safes are certified by ECB-S (European Certification Boards - Security) in Germany. ECB-S is the leading certification body for fire and burglary resistant safes. With ECB S certified products you can rely on a:
  • independently tested and certified safe or cabinet
  • constant and controlled quality
  • optimal price-performance ratio
  • guaranteed acceptance by insurers
The Sistec valuables and data security program offers:
An investment with a long warranty. Sistec offers, next to one year product warranty, peace of mind through a  comprehensive aftercare service for any safe you have purchased from us. A perfectly organized warehouse ensures that all replacement parts and accessories stay available, no matter how old your Sistec safe is.
Convincing in functionality and design. Sistec safes convince in both the used materials, production quality (ISO-certified) as well as in design. Different electronic locks and sizes complete the security concept.  
Custom made and special products. Security sets high requirements to the ability to find solutions for individual security issues. We can meet every wish. Fast, flexible and reliable. We also produce special safes - custom made, which complete satisfy any specific requirements you may have.
Better than standard. Certified security according to worldwide recognized standards (EN standards) form the foundation for our production and quality control. By having our products regularly checked by independent institutes, we can ensure the highest security standard. Further more, our solutions transcend far beyond the minimum requirements!
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