Nobody hopes to ever need it, but fortunately many people have insured their valuables against fire or theft. But when disaster strikes, it often turns out that a lot of insurance companies do not cover the entire damages. Besides insurance, it is also very advisable to ensure secure storage of your valuables.
No matter how good your insurance, it can never replace your most precious belongings, confidential information or the emotional value of personal items, when it is stolen or burned. Salvus fire and burglary resistant safes protect your belongings against burglary and fire.
Under the Salvus brand we produce and distribute a wide range of safes which offers a solution to every security requirement while still ensuring an optimal price/quality ratio.
The Salvus safes are produced by using the most advanced techniques and are, where needed, certified by the ECB-S (European Certification Boards - Security) in Germany.
ECB-S certified products ensure a:
  • independently tested and certified safe or cabinet
  • constant and controlled quality
  • optimal price-performance ratio
  • guaranteed acceptance by insurers
The Salvus range consists of:
  • Fire resistant cupboards
  • Fire resistant document safes
  • Fire resistant filing cabinets
  • Fire and/or burglary resistant eurograde safes
  • Computer security
  • Fire and burglary resistant furniture safes
  • Deposit safes
  • Security cupboards
  • Weapon and gun safes
  • Key (management) safes
With almost 50 years experience in supplying safes, you can expect expert advice and a professional approach. Furthermore, with our Salvus (and Sistec) safes we are capable of meeting any security demands, even if it means supplying custom made solutions according to your specifications.
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