CSR & sustainability

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a way of management in which economic, social and environmental considerations are integraded in a systematic and balanced way. In short, finding the right balance between profit, people and environment.
We aim for social and responsible entrepreneurship. We attach great importance to environmental and social issues. We strive for services and products that promote sustainable development and which meet our economic objectives.
Our commitment is reflected in the following areas:
  • We comply with all social, economic and environmental laws and regulations of each country in which we operate.
  • We respect (inter)national human rights treaties.
  • We and our suppliers use 'the best available techniques and materials' during the manufacturing process to spare the environment as much as possible.
  • Our manufacturing process (safes in Germany) and quality management is fully certified according to ISO 9001:2000, which ultimately benefits quality and durability.
  • We use sustainable materials, such as steel, in our products, to ensure a long product life
  • Our corporate CSR responsible mobility plan encourages eco-driving (green lable), carpooling and telecommuting where possible.
  • Also in daily business processes, we aim to work as responsibly as possible by encouraging a paperless office such as e-mail, internet and EDI. If we do use paper, it is FSC-certified where possible.